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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Correctum Politi Ad Nauseum....

OK, I just finished listening to Robert Mueller and John Ashcroft. It's becoming painfully clear to me that Americans, as a whole, expect their government to bail them out of any mess, but without hassle. Why does this occur to me? Let me elaborate.

For purposes of clarity, and per the director's focus in that direction, let's rename the FBI the FBT. The FBT is, of course, the Federal Bureau of Terrorism. Both Ashcroft and Mueller explained the government agency's new "mission". Debatably, the FBT had some lapses in judgement. Fundamentally, they need a re-examination of their methods. In short, something should indeed be done.

Ashcroft and Mueller, in typical government-can-solve fashion, has promised closer ties with the CIA, more funding, reassignment of agents into counter-terrorism, streamlining procedures, et cetera. No one can argue that there is some validity to these changes. Certainly, the CIA and FBI should not be adversarial. Certainly, the war on drugs, which has been a priority, is not nearly as important as the need to secure the country, and defend its interests. Certainly, elimination of certain volumes of paperwork is welcome in any bureaucracy.

However, I think Ashcroft and Mueller missed the fundamental issues. The issues I refer to evade political correctness. It saddens me to realize that PC permeates our law enforcement divisions as well as our schools, and such. The issue I speak of is profiling. We know that the Eastern world, and its oppressive mind set uses its religious culture to galvanize the ire of the polity against all interests American. We also know that the militant Islamic world would be thrilled at the prospects of a "holy war" against the infidels of the West. If you don't believe me, read the state sponsored newspapers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. Even the cultures considered Anglo-friendly are, in fact, not so under cover.

That being said, I realize that an "us v. them" mentality is neither conciliatory, nor pleasant. But, this is reality, 2002. If green men wearing Wal-Mart smocks were threatening to eliminate the nation's power supply links, I would beware of any green, Wal-Mart smocked men roaming near oil pipelines, power grids, or nuclear plants. Doesn't it make sense to quit crying foul over profiling, and do what's best for our safety? Profiling on the basis of known activity is not prejudicial, nor is it racially inflammatory. It's pragmatic, and it's common sense. Hopefully, Mueller, Ashcroft, and the FBT will have the foresight into this fact before another 9/11 happens.


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