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Thursday, May 23, 2002

My Day, My Thoughts, My Lunacy....

File this one under Politically Incorrect: Charles Barkley has decided that the NBA should not have switched to synthetic leather from authentic leather. Barkley, in typical sarcastic form, not only ridiculed the NBA's stance, but went on to attack PETA and its positions. Barkley said so while eating a hamburger in protest. PETA's response? They want Barkley to switch to veggie-burgers and become their spokesperson. Hmmm. Can you say "snowball's chance in hell"?

Have you ever wondered why radio talk shows are heavily right wing, while leftists tend to use the printed word? My theory: Right wingers can justify their stances by refuting asymmetric arguments. Lefties can only write, and cower as a litany of verbosity and logic renders them useless. But.... I digress.

Another victory for home-schooling: The National Geographic Bee winner was not only the youngest of the entrants, but he was also home-schooled. I can hear the NEA grinding their teeth now.

Stop the press! Hillary speaks on national security. Quoting the Washington Times:"The President knew what? My constituents would like to know the answers to these questions. Not to blame the president or any American. But just to know." Spoken by someone that hardly understands national security. She further chooses to reminisce about her days in the Oval Office. However, Hillary stopped short of explaining why her "other half" neglected to respond to terrorist acts all through the Clinton"ista" administration. Ahhh... the convenience of omission.

This just in... Mike Piazza might be gay. Who cares? He hits the ball a ton. He's a competitor. And even if he hit .220, so what? Why is innuendo being considered news?

I ask you.... has Jimmy Carter ever met a dictator he didn't like?

If any of you out there are getting this chain letter about the jdbgmgr.exe virus, stop sending it to me! Read my keystrokes. No.... New.... Virus! This file is a Java debugger. Not a virus. Trust me!!!!!

Today, we find out that Mexican soldiers fired shots at our border patrol. Someone should think seriously about forgetting the Alamo. And this quote from Colorado Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo: "...we recognize that if we can't rely on Mexico to curtail their own military or federal police, then we're going to have to put a lot more effort into securing our own borders..." You think so??

Finally today, I want to offer prayers and condolences to the family of Chandra Levy. 13 months after her disappearance, she's found dead in a secluded DC park. (An aside: As someone that lived in DC, I can tell you the place she was found is NOT a place for jogging or sightseeing. There is definite foul play here.) Mr. and Mrs. Levy, no one can understand losing a child in this manner unless they have done so personally. I sincerely hope the perpetrator of this crime is found and justice is served.


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