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Thursday, June 06, 2002

Kyoto Revisited

With President Bush's visit recently to the European Union, we have seen the renewed vigor of the environmentalist uprising known as the Kyoto Treaty. Protests abound in the Eastern Hemisphere because of Bush's reticence towards Kyoto. Many have complained that American society has devolved from one of altruistic communalism (the 60's) to one of self-motivated consumption (the 00's). For one, I take issue with the elitist depiction of such policies as taxation and Kyoto as "forward" thought. To do so is to imply that tax cuts and responsible environmental policies are "backward" and "uninspired". That position is insulting to me and many others like me.

Kyoto is nothing more than a socialist extension of government bureaucracy, and, even more so, an attempt to level the playing field for other nations, while crippling the US economy. American political ideals are still not well understood throughout the world. Our founding fathers, and most who call themselves Americans, believe that we can function better as a whole if we rely on ourselves for sustenance, while relying on each other for charitable endeavors. In other words (and I realize this concept is lost on the socialist agenda-mongers of the EU power elite), we don't need the government to confiscate our money and redistribute it as they see fit. The burdensome taxation policies on corporate society is exactly what Kyoto aims to achieve. Confiscation, and policy dictation at the expense of the most successful industrial society on the globe (America). Social engineering and wealth redistribution were never the intentions of the founders of our governmental system.

As far as the Kyoto Treaty, how can anyone characterize a treaty that penalizes Western countries for carbon emissions while placing NO restrictions on such prototypical polluters as China and India as "forward"? Only ONE European nation has even adopted this protocol. In summary, if the idea of society as guardian, mentor, and provider for all at the expense of those that function responsibly is what one would deem "magical, inspired, and forward", I'll pass. Long live the 00's!


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