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Monday, August 12, 2002

Ranting and Raving:

Whoever invented the popup ad should be drawn and quartered. I realize there are programs that will eliminate them, but for goodness' sake... these things are worse than Spam Mail.

Anna Nicole Smith... sit down, and shut up. Please. Andy Warhol was thinking about you when he made his "fifteen minutes" statement. Reality TV? The American public knows reality TV, and you, my dear, and NOT reality TV. Please, go gently into that good night.

So... today is the day. Baseball plans to set a strike date. Some thoughts on the issue. First of all, who makes the imbecilic decision to strike on the cusp of football season? Note to baseball: next time, strike in midsummer, when people CARE about baseball. Secondly, the fans should do something pre-emptive. Fans across the country should themselves boycott games BEFORE the players and owners take the game away from them. Show them what an empty stadium looks like. Let them know... this is how we feel. Strike three (1982, 1994, and 2002?)... you're out.

So Al Gore thinks he is entitled to free Springsteen tickets... what arrogance! Al, pay like the rest of us. Get it through your head. You are not above such expectations. You are one of us, OK? Get over it.

"Let's Roll." Todd Beamer's famous exclamation before trying to subdue the 9-11 hijackers over Pennsylvania is the subject of a huge brouhaha. It turns out that the Florida State Seminoles want to use it as their rallying cry. Whiny sportswriters object. Why? It "links something as silly as football to an event the country will spend only forever remembering." Hmmm. And so we should refrain from singing the national anthem too, right? Since that links football to something the country will spend only forever remembering? The Beamer Foundation says they are honored to be chosen as a motivational rallying cry for the team. Still, the sportswriters protest. Guys... sit down, shut up, and write about something we all agree on... like how stupid John Rocker is.

I read in Britain's liberal tome, the Guardian, that Iraqi envoys fear that a US invasion would undermine and ultimately end the authority of the United Nations. And this is supposed to be a BAD thing??

US Airways files for bankruptcy this week. They claim to have lost $2.1 billion in 2001. If the airlines really want to return to profitability, why don't they lobby the government to stop this insane assault on ordinary citizens flying the "Not-So-Friendly" skies disguised as "airport security"? How many people want to risk being detained for carrying nail clippers, or forced to drink their own breast milk? Think it can't happen? You would be wrong. Enough is enough. No amount of security is worth this hassle. People no longer fly because it is a pain in the glutteus maximus. Reassess this headache, or risk the collapse of the airline industry as a whole.

AOL is beta testing version 8.0 of their client software. As a former AOLie, I can tell you that I will NEVER go back until they stop saturating my desktop with spam ads, and until they allow me to configure my own mail client to send and receive instead of using the proprietary system that is currently implemented. Plus, the software is pervasive, and hogs memory. Go back to the drawing board, AOL.


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