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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Whew... has it been six weeks since I last updated the Blog? Whoa. I really need to get on the ball....

Random Musings since 8/12...

I was elated... no, ecstatic to witness the returns in north central Georgia weeks ago when former Congresswoman, Anglo-phobe, militant Muslim sympathizer, and all-around unsavory character Cynthia McKinney was trashed in the primary election. In observing the returns, I gained a lot of respect for her constituents, who surmised, as I had, that her theatrics and vitriole had become tired, and way out of line. Kudos to DeKalb County, and their astuteness in "sendin' 'em packin' "!

Speaking of elections.... southern Florida. Need I say more? Can someone start an anti-suffrage movement for this wonderful southern peninsula. A note to those of you there that cannot figure out punch cards OR touch screens... just because your state looks like a castrated phallus doesn't mean you should vote like one.

Now, an obligatory word about 9-11. In 2001, I was affected by the WTC attacks like nothing in my lifetime. Nothing. I cried, was angered, tried to reconcile the tragedy with current events, and prayed as I had never prayed before. I will never forget it, nor do I want to. But that being said... how can we move on, and be normal if we pause for what seemed like a fortnight to reminisce about every iota, every miniscule detail of the day? America, if we continue to live under this pall, in this malaise that we witnessed in 2002... if we do this same routine every year, then they (the terrorists) win. Again, I will reiterate. Do not forget. EVER. But don't let the memory of what happened dictate how you live from this point forward either.

And now, a local tragedy that really got me thinking this morning. In Farragut, TN, adjacent to Knoxville, a 16 year old boy died in a car wreck the first day that he had his license. I commiserate with the mother regarding this incident. As a kid, I was a terrible driver, took chances, initiated much, repented for little. I flipped my sportscar in 1991, and broke my neck. Honestly, I'm lucky to be here. But something the grieving mother said really struck me. "I think the driving age should be raised," she said. "Sixteen is too young." Here, we have a case of parental responsibility vs. governmental responsibility. First of all, I agree with her. Secondly though, why should the law have to mandate what we, as a generation of non-disciplinarian parents, cannot, or will not do? Shouldn't WE be responsible, instead of Uncle Sam? The concept of government as surrogate protectorate is what spawned such ideas as the V-Chip, compulsory seat belt laws, tobacco and fast-food industry law suits, and criminalized drugs. Quite simply, I would rather be the responsible party in these cases. I don't want my child driving at sixteen. It's too young, and it's too dangerous. However, I don't want the government taking the choice away from me, simply because someone else cannot stomach the quarrel with their teenager. We need to keep our teenagers alive, and protect them from themselves. We don't need the government protecting us from our weakness.


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