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Thursday, January 23, 2003

In the last few weeks, alleged incidents of exploitation of children have taken center stage. First, Pete Townshend is nabbed, who pre-emptively calls his forays into child pornography, "research." Next, R. Kelly is photographed having sex with a minor, and he calls it "nothing new", apparently an excuse for such behavior. Finally, we have a more politically charged episode, where ex-UN weapons inspector turned Bush critic Scott Ritter is reported to have lured an undercover agent to a rendezvous, ostensibly thinking she was a 16 year old Internet chat buddy. Ritter's defense: "The timing stinks." And, "I was supposed to be on a plane to Baghdad", but now this.

The political left, in its haste to canonize anyone of celebrity, or, even more conveniently, anyone whose opinion is one of anti-war with Iraq, will inevitably serve as apologist for these myrmidions. Were these right-wing icons, rest assured that we would be told ad nauseum of the depravity of these characters, and how promptly their punishment should be administered. Let's keep in mind, Trent Lott's relatively tame (yet politically inexcusable) tacit endorsement of the Dixiecrats was cause celebre for the Democrats. At the instant Lott made his remarks, the vultures circled. Where were these same vultures when Jesse Jackson made his infamous "Hymietown" comments? Where were they when former Klansman Robert Byrd chose a Fox News report to uncover his propensity for using the N-word?

In Washington, it seems that the politics of tolerance for missteps is a matter of alliance, and not one of moral stance. Comparing child pornography to misguided expression is not my intent in this dissertation, as these acts are orders of magnitude apart in their exigence. However, to watch the lefties posit the virtues of these nefarious individuals, while, on the other hand, assaulting the integrity of those who disagree with them politically, is nauseating.


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