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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Class envy has taken root in America, and is far more prevalent than it was in the past. We have an inept group of politicians to thank for that. Mobilizing poorer elements of America against richer ones can create a groundswell of public outcry, claiming that it is "unfair" that wealthy Americans don't pay enough taxes. We see this everyday. It has become trite, frankly, to blame "the rich" for the problems of "the non-rich". However, as long as it allows leftist politicians to compartmentalize Americans into identifiable groups, it will continue.

The brainwashed contend that wealthy Americans spend on themselves indiscriminately. This couldn't be further from the truth. Any enterprising individual could find enough information on the philanthropy of Bill Gates, or Paul Allen, to occupy them for hours. Rich people become rich by making wise financial choices, not frivolous ones. Rich people did not become rich by seeking instant gratification, but by deferring it through wealth-building enterprises. Finally, rich people, through these enterprises, create jobs in a capitalist economy (if you doubt this, look up the definition of capital, and determine the source of it).

Capital investment into a business venture creates jobs and wealth. Investment provides liquidity for purchase of more equipment, real property, and labor. The growth of the enterprise draws new capital, increasing the value of the enterprise, both in real and liquid terms. The labor within the enterprise also makes purchases in other areas of the economy (food, housing, clothing, etc.) Anyone who takes a moment to think for themselves instead of succumbing to the emotional ploy of those who encourage and purvey class envy will see this is how capitalism truly works. The "rich" get richer precisely because of the mechanism of capital investment, and realized return on that investment.

I resent the implication that, if I have any appreciable amount of wealth, I am considered "lucky" by those who have none. Wealth, in the form of assets, is gained not through fortune, but through hard work and good financial decisions. If these assets were handed down from a previous generation, someone in that generation had to make the wise financial choice. Luck has nothing to do with it.

I'm pretty much middle class. I have a little wealth, and a steady income. However I could always use more. Does this fact make me envy the "rich"? Perhaps, but not in a destructive, divisive way. I aspire to be successful, to provide, emotionally, and materially, for my family. What I do NOT do is mope around, hating the corporate class for having more wealth than I do. This system of ours in America... It's pretty resilient, and very efficient. It's worked well for over two hundred years. I wouldn't have it any other way.


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