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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I was reading DraftClark2004.com this evening, just to get a graps of the positions Wesley Clark takes on certain issues. Pro-choice, pro-affirmative action, civil libertarian... typically Democrat. But here's the one bit of blatant revisionism that irked me.

I would not have supported [the tax cuts]. They were not efficient in terms of stimulating the kind of demand we need to move the economy back into a recovery mode, a strong recovery and a recovery that provides jobs. There are more effective ways of using the resources. Secondly, the tax cuts weren’t fair. I mean, the people that need the money and deserve the money are the people who are paying less, not the people who are paying more. In other words, it’s not only that the more you make, the more you give, but proportionately more because when you don’t have very much money, you need to spend it on the necessities of life. When you have more money, you have room for the luxuries and you should—one of the luxuries and one of the privileges we enjoy is living in this great country. So I think that the tax cuts were unfair. And, finally, I mean, you look at the long-run health of the country and the size of the deficit that we’ve incurred and a substantial part of that deficit is result of the tax cuts. You have to ask: ‘Is this wise, long-run policy?’ I think the answer is no."

Huh? I don't expect Clark to be a supply-sider, but is he serious? I'm not even going to get into his definition of "fair", or his position on tax policy. But, reread this line:

I thought this country was founded on a principle of progressive taxation.

I would question this man's intelligence, except that he is very intelligent. Clark is completely aware that this country was NOT founded on a foundation of progressive taxation. The founders of this country were fleeing the oppression of taxation. Taxation based on income began at the turn of the century, and, while originally intended to be rescinded after wartime, has instead become a tool of the "progressives" of this country whose lust for buying votes is quenched only by removing the trough from which they drink. Clark knows this, but his agenda contradicts the truth. This is all we need is another disingenuous candidate for president.


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