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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Well, Ueberroth withdraws from the gubernatorial race in California, and this seems to be the big news there today. Or is it? Perhaps it is more newsworthy to note (as John Fund does) that the Golden State (not laden with gold like it once was) is seeking universal health coverage for its residents. The bill (SB-2) would require companies with over 20 employees to pay at least 80% of their health insurance costs (95% for "low income workers"), or pay into a state-administered fund.

Interestingly, with some political maneuvering, the California Senate has managed to even allow this bill to need only a simple majority, instead of a 2/3 majority normally required for bills that are accompanied with a tax increase (as this one surely would be). Is this some 11th hour attempt by Gray Davis and company to persuade the voters that he is worthy of their support? If so, and if the support does come, shame on Californians for digging their own grave.


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