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Monday, March 15, 2004

Most people by now have heard of the lunatic in Fresno named Marcus Wesson, who killed nine family members, and was allegedly involved in incest and polygamy, among other things. In typical journalistic fashion, those covering the story have tied this maniac to the Seventh Day Adventist Church. This snippet from the UK Daily Mirror is typical:

Blood-stained Wesson was arrested after a stand-off at the house where the bodies were discovered in a twisted heap among a pile of clothing. Detectives are investigating whether the Seventh-day Adventist had established a cult.

Of course, this harkens back to Waco, when the press linked the Branch Davidians to Adventism. This was an absurd link, in that groups such as the Shepherd's Rod, and the Branch Davidians are NOT Adventists. I repeat this for clarity. Groups such as the Shepherd's Rod, and the Branch Davidians are NOT Adventists.

This post is not intended to be a theological rant, nor will it be. I simply have to step forward and emphatically stand up for the Adventist church regarding this sort of thing. I attend an Adventist church. So does my wife. We are substantially involved with the Adventist Church. One of my dear friends is a nurse in an Adventist Hospital in Fresno. Most of the staff there are also Adventist. It is not a stretch to say that at least one staff member attends each SDA church in the area. My friend is as incensed as I am at the association of this monster with anything Adventist. Her quote: "The SDA church believes and follows the ten commandments. The sixth says 'Thou shalt not kill.' Let's not forget 'Thou shalt not commit adultery.' Besides this, the SDA church does not promote incest or polygamy."

Why does this touch a nerve with me? Because, had this man been Jewish or a Catholic, his religion would never have been mentioned. Many in the mainstream insist on associating the Adventist Church with cults. It incenses me when this happens in the guise of journalism. It is disingenuous to make this correlation every time some wacko loses his bearings. The first thing the press looks for is any tie to any cult. Thus, the Adventist link is established. Perhaps a better idea would be to leave religion out of the equation, and simply call this what it is - evil.


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