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Saturday, April 10, 2004

After I finish my MSSE this month, I've decided to pursue a dual MCAD/MCSD track for Microsoft Certification. In the meantime, I'm brushing up on my ASP.NET skills, and registering for some .NET classes.

I was reviewing the curriculum of one particular training site, and was struck by the question of inline ASP coding vs code-behind ASP. It occurs to me that code-behind would be more appealing to the visual programmer, while inline coding would be more appealing to the traditional ASP coder.

However, the whole idea of ASP.NET is to bring the visual programmer into the world of web interface design. In my IT shop, I would probably go with code-behind techniques. Why? Well, I think for two reasons. First of all, the visual programmer who relies on MS Intellisense cannot expect a full implementation with inline coding. For shops that must produce rapid apps, Intellisense is a godsend. Second, and more importantly, is the consideration of reuse and code separation. The abstraction of the UI from the processing is much more difficult in traditional ASP. Further, separation encourages developing reusable components, which is a primary goal of most modern IT shops.

That being said, I guess the whole debate is one of the old ASP developer vs. the new ASP developer. I just cannot understand wanting to go with the old Visual InterDev "spaghetti code" mess that traditional ASP encourages. If you've ever tried to debug or maintain old ASP, you know what I'm talking about.


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