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Monday, April 26, 2004

I have always maintained that if a party doesn't truly believe in their candidate, if they cannot get excited about the candidate, their chances in the election are not that good. If you believe that, then you might like President Bush's chances at being re-elected:

(According to a Fox News Poll) Among Kerry supporters polled, 41% say they're backing him for essentially negative reasons ("Not Bush" 38%, "Electable/can beat Bush 3%). Only 43% give positive reasons ("Positions on the issues" 22%, "Character/values" 7%, "Iraq" 7%, "Intelligent" 3%, "Strong leader" 3%, "Veteran/military service" 1%). Eleven percent give the neutral reason that they're backing him because he's a Democrat.

By contrast, among Bush supporters only 7% say they're backing him because he's "Not Kerry" and another 7% because he's a Republican. Fully 81% have positive reasons for supporting the president ("Doing good job as president" 28%, "Character/values" 19%, "Positions on the issues" 14%, "Strong leader" 11%, "Iraq/Saddam" 8%, "Tax cuts" 1%).

This is why Dole couldn't beat Clinton, and Mondale couldn't beat Reagan. Calling yourself the "anti-Bush" just isn't quite enough, even among your own.


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