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Sunday, April 11, 2004

We don't need no stinkin' sunshine laws...

All the Democrats on the town council and board of education - the voting majority of the town's two most powerful boards - held a private meeting Thursday night for what they said was to be a discussion of politics, strategy and the town budget.

The decision to exclude the public was approved by the town attorney, but questioned earlier Thursday by a spokesman for the state's Freedom of Information Commission. The legal distinction, they both agree, is whether this gathering was a "meeting" or a "caucus."

So all they have to do is call it a caucus, and that makes it exempt from FOI requirements? That's freakin' absurd.

State law says that a "caucus" is not a public meeting, and it defines a caucus as "a convening or assembly of the enrolled members of a single political party who are members of a public agency within the state or a political subdivision."

According to Hennick, the content of the discussion of Thursday's meeting is irrelevant.

Bullshit. The meeting content is not irrelevant. Check state law. You cannot covertly conduct town or state business. Period.


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