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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Grouchy Old Cripple weighs in on who to blame for the rising cost of gasoline:

Do you want someone to blame for high gas prices? Blame an environmentalist. It's the environmental wacko's who will not let us drill in ANWR. It's the environmental wacko's who keep campaigning against offshore drilling. If you cannot drill for more oil, you cannot increase the supply.

Another reason we're paying more for oil is all the boutique blends we have to have for clean air. Atlanta is paying 5 cents more per gallon in the summer due to the special blend we have to use because of EPA mandates. Have you kissed an environmentalist today?

Even if we had more oil available, our refinery capacity is stretched to its limits. We have not built any new refineries in over thirty years. Have you hugged an environmentalist today?

Access to offshore drilling, ANWR, and removing the endless environmental regulations would do wonders for the situation. Somehow, we have to address this dependency on foreign oil sources, hopefully sooner before later.


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