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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

AIM for Palm:

I'm not a frequent user of AIM anymore, as I find it to be an annoying instant messaging program. However, it is available for the Palm OS, so I keep it handy for just that purpose.

I'm writing this post really as a way to document my experience with the app. I have used it since Palm OS 3, and, in general, it serves its purpose. Coupled with a text app like TextPlus, it can generate messages as quickly as with a keyboard.

However, I have two complaints about the app. First of all, why is it that, if I type in a sentence, I have to erase the sentence from the text entry screen before I can enter a new bit of text? Shouldn't the app, by default, erase the previous message? That would be my intuitive expectation, but it doesn't. Instead, it can take a wasteful amount of time just to type in "BRB" or "Hello".

My second complaint is this...

Palm AIM - UK

Palm AIM - US

Note the difference in pricing. UK - $0. US - $19.95. Excuse me? Why would I want to pay almost $20 for an IM app that is free overseas? Why would I want to pay that price for an IM app at all? AIM is free on every data phone I have seen. Why not also for Palm? It makes no sense to me.

Instant messaging has become a part of our connected lives, but this app has a long way to go to satisfy me. In the meantime, I will keep it (the free UK version, that is), just in case I have to keep in touch with some of my AIM friends.


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