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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I just got through with my All Star ballot for Major League Baseball. Every year, there is a debate about whether the game should be a "dream game" or a game of the "most deserving players" of that particular year. I usually opt for the latter. This year is no exception. Here was my ballot:

American League
First Base: F. Thomas, CWS
Second Base: A. Soriano, TEX
Third Base: M. Mora, BAL (I considered ARod, but Mora is having a MONSTER first half.)
Shortstop: M. Young, TEX (making them forget about ARod)
Catcher: I. Rodriguez, DET
Outfielder: C. Beltran, KC (best all-around player, bar none)
Outfielder: V. Guerrero, ANA (I can't imagine the Halos without him right now)
Outfielder: M. Ramirez, BOS

National League
First Base: S. Casey, CIN (close pick over Albert Pujols)
Second Base: M. Loretta, SD (if not for his injury, Marcus Giles would have been my choice here)
Third Base: S. Rolen, STL (almost 70 RBI already? Sheesh.)
Shortstop: J. Wilson, PIT
Catcher: J. Estrada, ATL
Outfielder: B. Bonds, SF (pitch to him, already!)
Outfielder: S. Finley, ARI
Outfielder: M. Cabrera, FLA (this kid is only 21?)


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