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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Jack Neely on downtown Knoxville's "lack" of parking:

It’s all over the news: parking downtown is impossible and getting worse. A prominent TV reporter recently mentioned the “major problem” of downtown parking. An article in the daily referred matter-of-factly to downtown’s “parking nightmare.” A local folksinger has a song about “a town without parking.” The parking nightmare is a matter of devout belief. Businesses cite it every time they close their doors. It was that parking nightmare, they say. Couldn’t have been anything else.

Maybe I’m weird. Honest people have told me so. But I’ve been driving downtown for 25 years now. Except for one night during a Christmas parade a couple of years ago, I have never had much trouble finding a place to park in downtown Knoxville. I’ve rarely paid as much as $2 for the privilege.

I second that, Jack. Last time I was in town, I parked across from the library, walked up to Gay Street, visited the 9/11 Memorial, basked in Krutch Park, and drove home with no problems. When I was a South Knoxvillian, I never had problems either... unless you count business hours, when the two-tone haired traffic lady would terrorize me by following me around the block, chalking my tires, and swearing that she would be back. Shudder! But I digress.

Is downtown Knoxville really lacking that much parking? I don't see it. I would ask a more pertinent question. Is downtown Knoxville drawing enough people into it to warrant more parking? If the myriad RTB bloggers are any indication, I would guess the answer is "not really."


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