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Monday, June 21, 2004

Politics do not often enter the workplace here, but today was somewhat interesting on that level. When a co-worker interjected about Iraq that "we need to get Bush out and someone else in", I wanted to engage her, and get some constructive feedback. I have come to realize that, in today’s polarized political climate, stating one’s case matter-of-factly is often mistaken for a verbal assault, or at least as often turns into just that. So, I abstained.

My co-worker never offered a solution to anything global, except to say that Bush needed to be replaced.

I have no problem with people disagreeing with policy. I just want to hear the alternative that they offer.

The word "diplomacy" was used, as in the “need for”. Immediately, I thought “Is it really plausible to think diplomacy is going to work with thugs who behead people, bathe in the blood, and chant to their ‘god’?”

Since hindsight is 20/20, it is easy to say that engaging the enemy is harmful. However, had we not engaged them, I, and many others, are of the firm belief that terrorist acts would be even MORE prevalent after 9/11. Because of America's engagement, terrorism against Americans is largely concentrated in one area (the Middle East). Had we not engaged the enemy, and allowed more acts of terrorism to come to the American continent, what would these people say then? What would be their solution? To bend over and take it like a "man"?

I am all for the Monroe Doctrine in a peaceful world, but this world is not peaceful. These people want us DEAD. They hate Israel. They hate America. They hate freedom. They hate anything that is not Islamo-theocratic. They long for a restoration of the ancient Bedouin juntas. They abhor Western values, and ideals. Because they feel threatened, they respond by organizing suicide bombings, and decapitating Western contractors for nothing more than the shock value.

It would be nice to get a logical, well-reasoned treatise from people like this co-worker, a response that would suggest an alternative to pre-emption. That's all I want. From this one, at least, I am not anticipating such a reply any time soon.


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