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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

SKBubba asks:

All of this makes me wonder just exactly what is going on with the Democratic Party "leadership". It's almost as if they want to lose. They let Karl Rove pick who he wants to run against, and everything is all arranged. Or maybe it's the Rush Limbaugh theory that they want to lose now and make people suffer through four more years of Bush so they can nominate Hillary in 2008.

Tin-foil hat theories aside, obviously Sharpton would be a better president than Bush. So would Kerry. But shouldn't Democrats have a higher standard? Is "not-Bush" all we've got?

Sadly for the Democrats, I think the answer is yes. There are things I like about Bush, and things that I don't. If there were a better candidate, I would vote for him. I would even consider Joseph Lieberman (who Bubba doesn't like much) because I think he is the best candidate that the Democrats have offered. But I haven't seen that candidate who rises above the rest. And I haven't seen much from the Democrats other than, well, other than "we're not Bush".

I didn't grow up as a GOP lover. My great grandma adored Hubert Humphrey, as I recall. My upbringing has been largely apolitical. So I would never consider a candidate simple based on his affiliations. Thus, if a Democrat came along who advocated a strong stance against terrorism and those who support it, who endorsed cuts in marginal tax rates, and who would advocate the Kennedyesque mantra "ask not what your country can do for you...", then they would get my vote.

Unfortunately for the electorate, Bush is a profligate spender, and Kerry is... well, what exactly is Kerry this week? It would seem then that maybe I will vote for Bush because, well, because he's not Kerry. Maybe that's true in some sense.

The real reason I will likely vote for Bush is that he advocates more that I agree with than what I do not, and Kerry is obviously a career politician who wants to appease enough people to gain their votes, but doesn't quite pull it off with much success. So, call this election the "lesser of two evils" if you will. Somehow, in that regard, it feels a lot like 2000.


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