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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

This is why I still like baseball, and why I look forward to my own son turning four:

We were right next to the bullpen where the starter from the Huntsville Stars, Dennis Sarfate, was warming up.

Field level was an interesting mix of kids begging for autographs coupled with adults who were seemingly in the memorabilia business, pleading for signatures. Amidst all this sat my son, 4-year-old Anthony, with his little black glove. With other kids calling for a souvenir, Sarfate for some reason decided he wanted my son to have the ball he was throwing. Nonchalant, he pranced over to where we sat, made eye contact with my son and put the ball in Anthony’s glove.

As a member of the sports media, I’ve seen some pretty awesome things, but this was different. This time the experience was my own; Sarfate just hooked up my kid! It was the proudest moment of Anthony’s young existence, and the Basilios had just become the biggest Dennis Sarfate fans in the world.

Don't get me wrong. I love my son's infancy. But... I can hardly wait for moments like these!

AN ASIDE: What the hell is going on in Knoxville when Tony Basilio is dismissed from his job for "economic reasons"? Last I heard, Basilio was one of the top sports personalities in East Tennessee. What idiot made the decision to ax him?


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