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Monday, June 28, 2004

Today is election day in Canada. It is interesting in the sense that a conservative victory, although not guaranteed, is possible. The implications of a conservative victory would be:

1) a dissolution of the gun registry
2) abandonment of the Kyoto Protocol
3) a closer alignment with American foreign policy
4) a strengthening of the Canadian armed forces

Election results are being broadcast on the CBC.

An interesting side item of the election is that a law that made it illegal to broadcast the results of provinces where polls had closed until open provinces had also closed was struck down. This sounds a lot like the objections in the U.S. in 2000, when the networks called Florida as a Democratic victory, and several Republican districts claimed that voter turnout waned because of the suggestion that Florida had already been decided. What effect, if any, this has on voter turnout remains to be seen.

UPDATE: As of 10:15 pm, the Liberals have 123 seats, the Conservatives have 73, the Bloc Quebecois have 53, and the NDP has 18.

PREDICTION: A plurality for the Liberals, a failed effort to form a majority government by the Liberals, and a dissolution of parliament, and a new election within six months.

UPDATE: As of 10:23, the CBC is projecting that the minority government scenario is a certainty, the 10th such government in the history of the country.


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