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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Volunteer tight end goes "loco":

The police report on a Thursday afternoon incident involving Tennessee tight end Victor McClure alleges a bizarre series of events that led to his arrest on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.


UT police officers said John Hodges, an associate professor of religious studies, told them McClure had shoved him and said, "Hey Pop, want to find Jesus," according to the police report.

Officers found McClure yelling at someone, and then McClure told the officers they needed to respect him and then walked away when they asked him to step outside to talk, the report stated.

McClure ran around the building's lobby and "began to take his shorts off and throw them in the air. Then he tried to remove his underwear," the officers said in the report.

While the officers escorted McClure away, he grabbed UT student Courtney Keck by the arm and tried to pull her down the stairs. He confronted another student, Kristina Bennett, and "kept asking her if she loved and respected him," according to the report.

The officers handcuffed McClure and took him to the jail, where he got away from two more officers and "ran full speed into a door," the report said.

I remember when I was a student on the Hill, and we would laugh at some of the daily entries in the Beacon Crime Log. This one has to win first prize for 2004. What kind of strange brew are they feeding these kids at Gibbs these days anyway?


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