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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

For all the hype about bloggers being credentialed to report on the DNC, I must say I am utterly disappointed. While I am excited that blogging has been taken seriously, I can't say that I have been impressed by anything coming from them. I won't say that I have read every blog from the DNC, but those that I have read have been anything ranging from mundane to narcissistic to irrelevant, and that is independent of the fact that the internet connectivity there has been atrocious. The only consistent blogging has been from those who already in the "mainstream" media.

As a reader, I don't want pictures of the Fleet Center. I don't care if you had your picture made with Atrios. I do care what was overheard in the conversation between Senator A and Representative B. I do care about political strategy, anticipated mayhem on the outside, or how delegates really feel about the candidates, or the issues. The "hey, look at me, I'm blogging from the DNC" reporting is just not what I expected.

UPDATE: Says Jarvis:

Nothing is going to happen there. It's not news when nothing happens.

This is the real reason I didn't apply for credential to cover the convention with other bloggers. I said that I wanted to leave room for other citizen journalists who've never been behind the curtain before and that's true. But I also didn't know what the hell I'd write about: I saw myself with my laptop and wi-fi and camera phone and camera and digital recorder and phone modem: all dressed up and nothing to cover.

Maybe that's the real reason for my disappointment.


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