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Friday, July 23, 2004

Humor Before Bed:

9/11 Report: 'Clinton too busy getting laid. Bush too busy planning for Iraq.'

The report also includes recommendations for the prevention of possible and probable future attacks. Below are the top 10 recommendations by the panel:

#10 - Forget Saddam and Iraq
#9 - Concentrate on getting Osama bin Laden. Forget Saddam!
#8 - For God's sake don't vote for Kerry.
#7 - Forget Saddam, get Osama bin Laden.
#6 - Fire Bush if he can't get over Saddam.
#5 - Get Osama Bin Laden
#4 - Check everyone that looks like a terrorist at the airport. Forget about being politically correct. Little old white hair ladies are not terrorists. Skip them.
#3 - Get Osama Bin Laden.
#2 - Throw away the color-coded terror alert system. It's worthless.
#1 - Get Osama Bin Laden.

The report did not state whether the U.S. is safer or not for attacking Iraq, but did mention that "we really scared the shit out of the Middle East by taking over Iraq in less then 1 month."


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