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Thursday, July 29, 2004

I haven't seen this covered in the mainstream media.

Despite growing calls from human rights groups, US Army Special Forces veterans, and pleas from homeless refugees fleeing genocide Senator John Kerry (D-MA) has stalled the Vietnam Human Rights Act (Senate Bill HR-2833) since September 2001.

The stalled Bill would have sanctioned the communist Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) against further racially based sterilization, terrorism and genocide of the Christian hilltribe Dega peoples living in the Central Highlands region of the country.

The Degar tribes people, commonly known to westerners as the Montagnards, are ethnically unrelated to the Vietnamese. The Central Highlands region was never a traditional part of Vietnam. The region has been the home of the Degar tribes for at least a thousand years.

With HR-2833 stalled by John Kerry of Massachussetts, Vietnam is free to continue its widely publicized “cultural leveling” program. This means Vietnam will continue without restriction the ethnic cleansing of the Degar Christians in the Central Highlands region in an attempt to gain control of the Dega land and resources.

Here is the text of HR-2833.

The article above appears on the Green Berets for Human Rights website, an organization which is not familiar to me. The interesting question to me is not what Kerry's role in the stalling of this legislation is, but why this genocide goes unreported, while the Darfur incidents get more and more publicity. Does the world only have the stomach for one genocide at a time?


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