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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Laugh of the Day:

Go read Scott Ott's "speech" that President Bush would have given to the NAACP had he accepted their offer.

An excerpt:

"I have come tonight to declare a new emancipation for people of color. By the authority vested in me as President of all the people of the United States I declare that all Americans are free to work for a living, free to seek education, free to worship God, free to live under the same laws to which we all submit as a peace-loving people."

"The new emancipation proclamation also states that all Americans are free to be lazy, ignorant and godless without expecting the government to come to their aid. All Americans are also free to violate our laws--after which they will receive the just consequences of their exercise of that freedom.

"The new emancipation proclamation hereby sets free those who have been held in captivity by the vain hope that government is their beneficent master. It breaks the chains that have bound men, women and children in a cycle of dependency that leads to despair."

Sounds like Bill Cosby wrote this one.


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