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Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Lunatic Fringe:

A new community activist group, calling itself The New Black Panther Party, marched in front of the Dallas Police Department Thursday. The group demanded a meeting with interim Dallas Police Chief Randy Hampton or organization members would violently take to city streets.


During the demonstration, members of The New Black Panther Party called police racists and violent. They also called Anglos "devils" and threatened to get guns if the group fails to have its demands met.

"We are fighting for the freedom of our people," New Black Panther spokesman Derick Brown said through a bullhorn. "We're ready to die in self-defense."

Brown also turned the group's attention toward media members covering the demonstration.

"Put that on your camera," he said through the bullhorn. "Write that up in your newspaper. Did you copy that story? Did you get the truth of everything? Y'all half the damn street's problem."

Maybe Cynthia McKinney can be their spokeswoman.


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