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Sunday, July 25, 2004

The search for virility has taken researchers to a rare jellyfish:

A potent cocktail of toxins in a rare species of deadly jellyfish could hold a remedy for impotent men, researchers say.

The sting from an irukandji tentacle can cause irukandji syndrome, entailing severe pain, anxiety, paralysis and a potentially fatal rise in blood pressure.

Researchers have found that one rare species also causes an extra symptom of prolonged erections in male victims.

However, researchers warn...

But men should not try to bypass medical research and swim around the Whitsundays seeking to be stung.

"Irukandji syndrome is something that happens to you that might kill you," she said. "Preparing for a date involves not having irukandji syndrome."

I am predicting that someone wins a Darwin Award for intentionally getting stung by one of these things. Mark my words.


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