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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

"sometimes things they don't turn out quite exactly how you planned.

72 hours ago there was not a single, solitary hint that kris and i would be thrust into the most emotionally wrenching experience that any parent-to-be could ever go through. what looked initially like a bad migraine turned far, far too quickly into a life threatening, early, undetectable and freakishly aggressive case of preeclampsia.
in 48 hours kris went from a healthy, happy mother-to-be, to a woman who was frighteningly close to having a stroke and seizure and whose kidneys and liver were failing. and so, at 7:00 p.m. on july fourth 2004, the impossibly hard choice was made to deliver eric at a time when the odds aren't in his favor to help kris survive."

Thus begins a very interesting day-by-day account of a family who has unexpectedly given birth to a premature baby boy named Eric. If you are a parent, will soon be a parent, or plan to be in the future, I think you will find this story very compelling.


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