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Saturday, July 24, 2004

via South Knox Bubba...

Knoxville KPD has issued an Amber Alert...

Amber Alert Issued for 1 Year Old Tennessee Girl
Posted: Saturday July 24 6:00 PM CT
The Knoxville Police and the Knox County Tennessee Sherif's office issued the Amber Alert after the baby was abducted on Saturday afternoon. Cheyenne Marie Byrd, 1 yrs., white female was abducted in Knoxville Tennessee on Saturday July 24. Police are looking for Becky Jane Sparlin, a white female, 5\' 8", 150 lbs. with blonde hair. The suspect vehicle is a silver 1986 Mercury Cougar, with rust spots and Tennessee tags QAR-488.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Knox County Sheriff at 865-215-2432 or dial 911


.: posted by Dave 7:00 PM

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