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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Although I usually blog quite a bit on weekends, I made a conscious decision that this weekend would instead be devoted to time with my wife and infant son. I felt this way even more after I spoke to my friend, Greg, about the recent loss of his wife. After blogging about it, one person already has contacted me about sending money to the Cynthia Lane Scholarship Fund. I am much obliged, and so will Greg be.

Anyway, today was the annual Italian Festival, and parade. It was very interesting to see the members of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel playing instruments, and carrying her image down the street, playing a song and shooting some sort of cannon each time they came to an Italian household or business (which was quite a few times in my neighborhood).

The evening was culminated with a visit to the Italian Festival carnival, where we had cannolis, eclairs, various pastries, some fried dough with sauce and parmesan (basically a bare pizza), and Italian sausage and green peppers on a grinder (with the hottest "sweet" peppers I have ever had!) Then, my son was treated to a ride on the carousel... the sight of my nine-month old baby boy, wide-eyed, smiling through his blue pacifier, laughing and giggling while my wife accompanied him was worth more than you can imagine. I wish I had taken the camera with me, but I neglected to consider that I might actually want to capture the moment.

A day well spent? You know it. Blogging resumes tomorrow.


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