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Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Governator won't be doing much campaigning for Dubya, it seems.

"The governor will do anything he can to help," chief of staff Pat Clarey insisted to USA Today – except that "anything" does not include campaigning for Bush in Nevada, Arizona, Oregon or anywhere else outside California.

Both "macho politicians," as the paper described them, dismiss talk of a rift, but it noted "the relationship between the two camps has been tense."

Major causes of the tension:

  • Like most Californians, Schwarzenegger is a liberal on social issues such as gay rights, stem cell research and abortion.

  • He irked the White House by calling for a massive infusion of federal aid. He's still waiting for his billions.

  • Sacramento and Washington have also clashed on such issues as offshore oil leases, border security and money for costly after-school programs.

  • This doesn't seem entirely implausible, nor should it be too relevant, since Bush isn't likely to carry California anyway.


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