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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Humorous story of the day:

A German woman thought she had been robbed by sedative-toting thieves when she returned to her car to find $470 (380 euros) missing and her dog vomiting, only to discover the pet had eaten the cash, police said on Thursday.

“She thought the dog had been drugged and that thieves had taken the money,” a police spokesman in the western town of Aschaffenburg said. “The woman had withdrawn the money and hidden it under bank statements on the passenger seat.”

She informed police and took the dog to a vet.

“The vet gave the dog an injection and after 20 minutes six of the 50 euro notes reappeared,” the spokesman said.

“The dog spat out the rest of the money in shreds along with the bank statements.”

“It should be noted that the damaged bank notes can be changed at the state central bank, so that there was no material loss in this case,” the police said in a statement.

I wouldn't want to be the bank teller for that transaction.


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