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Monday, August 23, 2004

This little snippet from last week's MetroPulse epitomizes the problems we have here in Connecticut with labor unions:

An AFSCME union local filed a grievance against East Haven, Conn., mayor Joe Maturo recently for violating the city’s labor contract by personally doing the civic task of reaching down into a storm drain and repositioning the drain cover, which Maturo noticed had become dislodged. According to the union, if a cover comes loose, the city is required to call out exactly four union employees, three of whom would get time and a half and be guaranteed four hours’ work. Said union president John Longley, “It’s not about the money; it’s about our work.” (Maturo, a licensed electrician, was a longtime union member himself.)

Here is the link from NBC 30 dated August 3rd.

The problem is that this behavior, which seems so absurd, has become institutionalized in the Nutmeg State.

Take for example some of the asisine rules at an anonymous manufacturing facility in central Connecticut. In order to assess the viability of certain repairs to certain components of turbine engines, the parts must be inspected by the engineering group and tested for stress, corrosivity, tensile and compressive strength, etc. Such assessments can only be done by a qualified engineer. However, a qualified engineer is not allowed to expedite components from one place to another... even if the distance to be expedited is only a matter of feet. Thus, components must be moved by a union worker who has no more involvement in the process. Surely a highly trained and educated engineer is also qualified to carry a composite shaft from point A to point B, no? Not in the wonderful world of the union worker.


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