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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Wow, has it really been seven days since my last post? The family and I have been, shall we say, distracted by home renovation. We have been adding furniture, assembling pieces, preparing for the in-laws (who arrived this afternoon), and cleaning like mad. The garbage pile outside my office window rivals the landfills in some countries.

All of this included a trip to IKEA (which I may or may not blog about at a future date), and a double trip to the furniture store for a Simmons sectional sleeper which somehow has been retrofitted to be a sofa only. This leads me to a question. Has anyone ever bought a sleeper sofa that wouldn't open, no matter what you tried? Well, we did, and I am sure we aren't the first. We haven't yet pinpointed the cause, but it seems that there is an extra piece of wood made onto the frame that shouldn't be there. This annoyance is thusly keeping us from sleeping on the sofa as intended. So... my wife and I will instead tonight sleep head to head, cursing Simmons, Puritan Furniture, and anyone else involved with the manufacture of said sofa.

Maybe I will blog some more later, and maybe I won't. In the meantime, I will lay here, wishing pestilence on the aforementioned companies and their management.


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