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Sunday, January 30, 2005

On the Iraqi Elections:

Early numbers show a 72% voter turnout, astounding for a "quagmire" such as Iraq. Imagine a 72% voter turnout in America... the MSM would be rambling about how remarkable such a thing was. But 72% in Iraq? So far, I've heard CNN mention the number, but mostly, I've heard the chirping of crickets, which is what I expected. And the MSM wonders why people are flocking away from them in droves?

I haven't seen much written today in the liberal side of the blogosphere regarding the Iraqi elections either, except for statements about how "draconian" the security tactics are. Is it really such an awful idea to ban driving when one of the insurgents most lethal weapons has been car bombing? Somehow, I don't think 72% of Iraqis think so.

All in all, it's a good day for the people in Iraq. I think, once a government driven by the "consent of the governed" instead of by totalitarian regimes takes hold (and, like it or not MSM, it will), American policy regarding Iraq will be seen as the salvation of the region, and history will look back on the role of the media as one of propagandous annoyance instead of informative relevance.


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