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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The first presidential vote I ever cast was for Libertarian Harry Browne. My friends chided me for "throwing away" my vote. "He's unelectable." "There are only two serious choices." This is the mentality that has put us in the two-party mess we are in, I thought. I still think that, although I no longer think the Libertarians as a political party warrant serious consideration.

Harry Browne died today. I believe the Libertarian Party died a long time ago. I'm hoping someday that someone with political acumen, charisma, and solid libertarian ideas comes along to carry the torch that Browne carried so well.

While I remain skeptical, I believe that limited government, lower taxes, and a strong national defense are achievable priorities. It is simply a matter of the people exerting their will in that direction, and voicing that desire at the polls. Maybe someday, the American electorate will expunge the big government bureaucrats from Washington in favor of small government officials. I like to dream that dream. It is a dream that Harry Browne and I shared. And that's why he was the first person for whom I ever cast a presidential vote.

Rest in peace, Harry Browne.


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