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Monday, March 06, 2006

Political correctness. The very sight of the term makes me uneasy. The thought police has manifest itself in myriad ways all over the world. Everyone by now is nauseatingly familiar with the Mohammedan caricatures.

Today comes this article in the Wall Street Journal about Muslim offense taken to a Voltaire play that “mischaracterizes Islam”. From the story:

"Fanaticism," the play that stirred the ruckus in Saint-Genis-Pouilly, portrays Muhammad as a ruthless tyrant bent on conquest. Its main theme is the use of religion to promote and mask political ambition.

I fail to see the “mischaracterization” there.

Closer to home, it seems that the Houston, Texas pro soccer team has relented on its intention of naming their team the “1836” after the year of the founding of their fine city. Why is that offensive? Apparently, that is the same year that Texas won its independence, and a cadre of upstanding Mexicans are offended about that.

In all three cases, vocal (and in the case of the cartoons, violent) minorities have sought to limit one of the fundamental rights of a free society – free speech. I fear a society where “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “Piss Christ” are banned, even though the premise of both offends my religious sensibilities. I fear a society that denies the basic facts of history. Such acts of censorship lead to a slippery slope where the very act of thought is criminalized. That’s a social dynamic that I simply want to avoid at all costs.


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