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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mossberg and Me:

Walt Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal that he prefers the Blackjack to the Treo. Now Mossberg is pretty well respected in the tech review world, but in this review, he illustrates exactly why many users, myself included, prefer the Treo:

The Treo maker is starting to respond, but haltingly. It has brought out a couple of slightly smaller new models, but they're no match in sleekness or style for competitors like the Motorola Q. They also aren't as cheap. They do, though, have some advantages in software and functionality that, for some users, will make them preferable.

Thanks for making my point, Walt. That’s precisely what I do NOT need from a smartphone – style. What I DO need is always-on email, remote access capability, project management tools, instant messaging, multimedia capabilities, and Outlook/Office compatibility. The Treo line gives me that.

Which brings me to the already overhyped iPhone… says Mossberg, in conclusion:

But if you're in the market for a smart phone and can afford $499, you might want to wait until June for the Apple iPhone. The Apple entry is so full of promise that anyone buying a smart phone in 2007 should at least wait for the full reviews and a chance to try it out.

What are the compelling reasons for waiting? Oh yeah… style. I forgot. Anything beginning with “i” is euphemistically stylish, but there’s still the functionality issue. What I know about the iPhone is precious little, except for hype. What I know about the Treo is that it accomplishes everything I listed above, and much more.

The bottom line is this – if you want a device that will help you run your business and communicate with clients, suppliers, vendors, etc, then the Treo is the right choice. If you want something that will ooh and ahh the masses, then yes, by all means, wait for the iPhone. And then switch to a Treo after you realize how precious little software is available for the new apple device.

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