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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Home Depot is trying to improve its image with its customers, according to today’s Wall Street Journal.*

Home Depot is trying to reverse a reputation for shoddy service. Under former Chief Executive Robert Nardelli, who resigned Jan. 2, Home Depot management focused on measuring all aspects of the stores' productivity and too often ignored shoppers. "We were busy writing reports instead of taking care of the customer," says Shane Moore, manager of a Home Depot store in Mesquite, Texas.

Honestly, I can’t remember when Home Depot wasn’t full of shoddy servicepeople. I can’t relay a single positive experience with Home Depot. My most recent flap resulted in an email from the office of the CEO.

It seems that I tried to place an order for a grill that was shown in their catalog (complete with SKU and in-store catalog number), and I was told by sales staff that 1) grills were no longer in season, 2) I needed to try another Home Depot, 3) that item was not available through their catalog, and 4) I needed to order it online (this despite the fact that it had an in-store catalog number prominently displayed).

After weeks of going round and round, I waited for an alternative to Home Depot. Ironically, I ended up ordering the grill online from Amazon.com for cheaper than if I had bought it in the store.

Now this seems like an epidemic to me that Home Depot may not soon be able to overcome. I’m encouraged that articles like the one to which I linked above are appearing and are showing a renewed commitment by Home Depot to the customer. However, that may be too little, too late.

* Although it might seem so, I am not a paid endorser of the WSJ. I just read it quite a bit.

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