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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Politics is disturbing.

That sentence might explain why I do so little blogging anymore. But seriously, the climate in which we live has reached such epic proportions of insanity, I just find the whole thing distasteful.

Look, I can appreciate pols like Tennessee Congressman John Duncan, who voted his conscience against the Iraq War. Senator Duncan always seems to vote as he sees fit, not using some political barometer. I don’t agree with some of his stances, but I respect him for taking them.

That is more than I can say for most politicians today. That includes both sides of the aisle. Hillary changes her stripes based on her audience. Murtha plays politics with the war funding effort. Romney was for abortion before he was against it. Edwards has wavered more than the sine wave on your average oscilloscope. Kerry isn’t even worth mentioning but I will anyway. And Gore… typically endorsed covert actions against terrorists when it wasn’t a political beanbag, but now swears them off entirely.

Why can’t more politicians stop being politicians for a time, and just be leaders? Has this always been an endemic problem, or am I just now noticing it through my seemingly perpetual cynicism about the process? This whole mockery of representative republicanism makes me sick. (And no, Virginia, this isn’t a democracy in which we live. At least it isn’t supposed to be.)

Once upon a time, I aspired to be in politics at some level, be it local, state, or even federal. But this cesspool we see every week in Washington… I wouldn’t send my worst enemy there.

What we have is a political class that cares more about living on the public dole than leading our country. And as long as that condition persists, we will have empty leadership that subscribes to the whim of the public. Tyranny of the majority.

Welcome to politics. Enjoy the ride. And take some Pepto Bismol along the way. You’ll need it.

.: posted by Dave 10:51 AM

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