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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stupid Policy Exceptions 101:

Long time readers of my (intermittently updated) blog will recall that I work in a large enterprise environment supporting, implementing, and supervising large enterprise information technology applications. Those same readers will recall my disgust with certain managers and their insane policies. Today, I will enlighten you with yet another insane policy.

We have a tightly knit 802.11g network which allows our business to function wirelessly, mainly for receiving and shipping products and raw materials. However, we occasionally develop bright ideas that piggyback on that wireless infrastructure. As such, we have checks and balances in place to keep our network secure and safe from intrusion. When new ideas are implemented, we have to go through a bureaucratic chain of command which seeks to ensure that all safeguards are in place and effective mitigation plans have been realized.

This week’s proposal, however, isn’t one of those ideas. This week’s proposal uses singularly paired Bluetooth scanners with an effective range of 100 feet. The scanners run through RS-232 control devices which are tethered to our wired (let me repeat that: WIRED) network. This project has a capital cost of over $150,000 and has been in the works for quite some time.

However, just today, Mr. Bureaucratic MIS Manager from Afar has decided that this project requires an exception to IS policy. An exception to our wireless standards. Let me state for Mr. Afar’s edification. Bluetooth serial devices are NOT 802.11g devices. They do not even begin to approach the same standards. This is akin to asking for an exception to install Word on your PDA by requiring the exception to apply to your desktop PC. They aren’t the same thing!

As of yet, Mr. Afar has not seen things the same way as we have. So our response has been to request a serial Bluetooth device exception to our 802.11g standard. We await his approval so the capital project can go forward.

Only in corporate America can such stupidity manifest itself with such pervasiveness.

.: posted by Dave 11:20 AM

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