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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing:

I’ve spent much of the week ignoring the news, blogs and “internets”, but I did see that Ann Coulter made some disparaging comments about John Edwards and the whole left wing of American politics has begun to feign disgust. Ms. Coulter says that it was meant to be humorous, and I don’t doubt that was her intent.

The problem though is twofold, it seems. First, Ms. Coulter is seemingly addicted to the attention that comes from the “shocking” things that she says. At this point though, why should anyone be shocked? The answer is – they aren’t. If they are, then they’re obviously new to the political stump of the 21st century from which our sloganeers rant and yell. If the left would ignore her, perhaps she’d go away.

But, that’s just it. The left doesn’t WANT her to go away. That is because she gives them the perfect opportunity to bludgeon conservatives over the head with accusations of how “hateful” they are. Some people will guffaw when listening to old tapes of Lenny Bruce or Sam Kinison insulting gays, but Ann Coulter is another situation entirely.

So, as long as the left makes such easy targets for Ms. Coulter, and as long as the left believes they can use her as a rallying cry for supposed outrage against the right, this cacophony will persist. It’s up to more rational folks to simply ignore both sides.

.: posted by Dave 2:28 PM

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