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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My letter to the Dallas Morning News Editorial Staff regarding their anti-death penalty piece in Sunday's paper:

I just caught your blogpost stating that you have heard little or no negative feedback after your death penalty editorial this past Sunday. Let me then take a moment to toss my name into the hat of dissent.

I will concede that executing criminals indiscriminantly is wrong, especially where there is even a remote possibility of innocence. However, with today's DNA technology, where such technology is applied and such criminals are with no reasonable doubt identified, there should be no objection to executing that person (unless you just have a moral complaint vis a vis killing a human being at all).

From my perspective, if someone heinously murdered my wife or kids, and they were proven to be guilty, I would want, even expect, the state to execute them so as to eliminate the possibility, however minute, that the murderer could ever go free. That alone is enough of a reason to keep the death penalty legal.


.: posted by Dave 1:56 PM

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