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Monday, May 14, 2007

An Endorsement...

Of a political candidate? Not on your life. Of a service in our area that proved today to be quite nice.

In my growing family of me, my wife, and 2 baby boys, soon to be 3, we have also have a beloved dog named Buddy. Buddy is a 75lb. lab/golden mix who becomes so unbelievably hairy that he sheds in buckets. Imagine now how difficult it is to keep the house clean in his wake. Imagine further how daunting of a task it is for a 6-months pregnant woman with 2 babies in tow to lug this creature to the local groomer, and then to have to return (probably in the middle of naptime) to lug the creature back home.

This is the situation my wife found herself in when we saw a placard along the side of the road for Kritter Kutz.

The beautiful thing about Kritter Kutz is that they come to your house and groom your dog on site. So the groomer arrived, and Buddy was escorted to the trailer (seen above) where he was washed, cut, and cleaned for what probably to him seemed like a lifetime. Later, he emerged from the trailer looking like a new dog.

Here you see a clean cut, happy Buddy. And the part that was most satisfying for me - the price. PetsMart wanted $75 to groom our dog. PetsMart also wanted a Texas vaccination certificate, and would not accept our Connecticut certificate as valid. Kritter Kutz charged, tax included, $68.59, and they didn't care less about the certificate.

Needless to say, we're quite happy with the service, and we'll be using Kritter Kutz again in the very near future.

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