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Thursday, August 02, 2007

As I finally found a parking place (Methodist has a modest parking issue, in that the spaces are small and occupied), I realized that I'd be seeing my son again and I was very excited. I approached the NICU and asked the attendant if I could see my son. She asked me to sign in, and showed me where my locker was (for my belongings) and where to scrub in.

When I went in and saw him, I nearly cried, not from sadness but from joy. He has been intubated, and he's being given morphine for the pain, but there is an obvious improvement. There is no shade of blue in him. His sats are in the high 90s. His respiration is in the 80s. All of his vitals are great.

The doctor spoke to me and explained that the CPAP wasn't working as hoped, so they went with the tube, and the results were great. He also reiterated the earlier information, and said there was no reason not to expect a full recovery. The echo was normal. His heart is slightly large, but not abnormally so. I also found that Dylan responded to my voice, which made me smile. However, until he can breathe sans oxygenation, I'd rather he sleep. All in all, I think he's progressing nicely.

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