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Sunday, August 05, 2007

We're at the hospital seeing our little one. Ami is going to pump, and then we're going back in. She seems very glad to see the baby, as am I each time I come.

We haven't seen the doctor yet, nor have we seen his actual nurse. We spoke to his original nurse, Maria, who said that he had been given lower pressures since I was here last. That's a sign of some progress, I suppose.

They've also upped his formula intake, and we dropped off some breast milk for him to eat. His O2 is the same as yesterday. I haven't been able to confirm any changes in levels through the night. He doesn't look very comfortable, but maybe that's because we as parents don't feel comfortable ourselves.

I will report more once the doctor visits with us. Ami has lots of questions, so that should satisfy her curiosity.

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