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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

John Hood on the latest NIE:

If it is true that the clandestine nuclear-weapons program was suspended in Fall 2003, it is very good news. It means that the policies of America and its allies have been correct and successful. These policies include the accumulation and use of military might on Iran's eastern and western borders, yes, but also multi-lateral diplomacy and policies initiated and supported by Democrats and Europeans. There's credit enough to share, and plenty of room still to make partisan points on the specifics and on other issues, but instead there is this idiotic effort to spin a foreign-policy success as a Bush loss. It makes no sense on the merits. It makes sense only as hyper-partisanship.

I've been thinking this ever since the news came out. Isn't a win for America a win? Or does everything have to be spun as a way to make the president look bad? Furthermore, I fail to see how this makes Bush and Cheney look bad anyway. Wouldn't this mean that the pressure we've put on Iran and our presence in the Gulf region has led to something useful (like the suspension of a nuclear program)? Or is it just too bitter a pill to swallow to admit that maybe something good has happened in the Middle East, because you can't possibly allow something good to happen on President Bush's watch, don'tcha know?

All of this, of course, has an important caveat - IF the NIE is true in the first place. There is plenty of room for skepticism. But my premise above remains. If it is true, then it should be a good thing.

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