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Monday, December 10, 2007

Since I just upgraded to a new HD LCD TV, I'm not too pleased with the performance of my "upscaling" DVD player, which always seem to render disks in 576p instead of 780p or 1080i. I'm convinced that I want to upgrade to a Hi-Def DVD player, but do I want Blu-Ray or HD DVD? It would help if the standards would somehow converge. It's like choosing XM or Sirius (I chose Sirius for the NFL, but now I no longer get SEC sports broadcasts), or Dish vs. DirecTV (I chose Dish for... well, I think it was cheaper, but I can't remember now). The point is that I want one HD standard, and that has heretofore kept me out of the HD DVD market.

Of course, if the price keeps coming down (as Engadget points out this morning, Samsung has dropped one of their Blu-Ray models to $299), I might buy one just so that I can have HD-quality video output.

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