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Monday, May 20, 2002

If This Doesn't Make You Angry, Nothing Will....

The Washington Times, on May 17th, runs an article entitled "Obeying a Holy Duty to Kill". In it, we read about a young mother dressing her child in the garb of a "homicide" bomber, encouraging him in his aspirations of being one of many to fatally wound the Israeli faithful. And we in the Western world are to embrace this faith as peaceful and docile? How is this possible? How many deaths will it take to realize the real agenda here is not self-preservation, but the extermination of the Jewish state altogether?

There has been ample evidence in the complicity of Yassir Arafat in the funding and encouragement of these mini-bombers, yet no one acts, except Israel. Even the United States, and the Bush administration cannot seem to fashion a consistent response. They rebuke Arafat verbally, but not in kind. They demand his compliance in rebuking the Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians, yet any such verbage is delivered in English or Hebrew... not Arabic, which would directly address the relevant participants.

Muslims claim "sacrifice" to be their highest honor. They believe it brings them great wealth and joy in the afterlife. As long as their despair and hopelessness is continually exploited by the likes of the Arafats and the Husseins of the world, the western civilization we all know and love will face these bombing threats.
I read the newspapers here in America with disgust as I see partisan politicking replacing the national unity we have had for resolving the terrorist situation. This is what the despots of the Middle Eastern wanted from the initiation of this melee, and that's what they are getting: blame the leadership, question, wonder aloud... never mind if there is some secondary political benefit for yourself, right? This is the question I ask MY legislative leaders. Where did the unanimity go? What would you have done differently if YOU had known the exact day of terrorist attack? Profiling? Please.

So where does this leave us? It leaves us with a leadership without the political will to demand accountability of the Palestinian leadership. It leaves us with a bloodthirsty Democratic party acting as if the Bush administration tacitly allowed the September 11th attacks. It's time we swallowed the bitter pill of common sense here, throw out any aspirations of political correctness, and call a spade a spade. Situational ethics must be set aside. So should sanctimonious hindsightful jabs at the executive branch. Evil DOES exist, and we are staring at it in the face. In order to convince the parents of the Middle Eastern world that their children are not intended to be human explosives for the glory of Allah, we must first replace the heads which do the talking to them.


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